ADM Stocks MEAN WELL Medical Power Supplies

Medical Power Supply

ADM carries a select range of MEAN WELL medical power supplies in stock.

MEAN WELL offers power supplies with different levels of electrical safety protection specifically for medical applications.  

The level of protection very much depends on the application in questions.  

For example, if your application involves a patient coming into contact with a medical device, then you are likely to need a power supply with 2 means of patient protection (2 x MOPP).  

On the other hand, it the patient has no physical contact with the device, but the operator does, then you may want a power supply that has a means of operator protection (MOOP) built in.  

MEAN WELL offer both types of power supply within their range, which includes enclosed power suppliespower adapters, and open frame power supplies  (including PCB mount power supplies). 

You can download the current MEAN WELL medical power supply brochure by clicking on the following link: 

MEAN WELL Medical Power Supplies.pdf 

MEDICAL power supply brochure

If you would like any further information on MEAN WELL medical power supplies, please call ADM Systems on 1300 362 467. 

29 April 2020