ADM’s Expanded Range of Stocked Power Cables

ADM AC Power Cords

ADM has expanded the range of power cables that we hold in stock. 

Most are IEC power cables, which can be used with many of the desk top power adapters and battery chargers that we carry.  

This is particularly useful if you are looking for power supplies to export around the world alongside your own equipment, or products.  

The MEAN WELL GST series power adapters have global approvals. So, it makes sense that you can buy these from ADM together with any power cables you require.  


Below are the power cables that we now stock.  



Standard Australian Plug to IEC Plug – 1.8mtr 

AU IEC Power Cord 1.8m

Short Australian Plug to IEC Plug - 0.5mtr - (NEW) 

AU IEC Power Cord 1.8m
2 Pin Australian Plug to Stripped & Tinned wires- 1.0mtr - (NEW)  AU Power Cord 1m Tinned Ends
EUR AC Plug to IEC Plug – 1.5mtr - (NEW)  EU IEC Power Cable 1.5m
USA AC Plug to IEC Plug – 1.5mtr – (NEW)  US IEC power Cord 1.5m
UK AC Plug to IEC C13 Plug – 1.5mtr – (NEW)  UK IEC Power Cord 1.5m

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19 December 2019