ADM’s Range of Industrial DC to DC Converters

Industrial DC to DC Converters

ADM has expanded our range of industrial DC to DC converters with the addition of the Premium SA’s CRS series.  Premium’s CRS DC to DC converters are very much designed for use in industrial applications.

Based in Europe, Premium has been designing and manufacturing DC to DC converters for industrial applications since 1981.  

There are a wide variety of input and output combinations, offering high reliability and high efficiency in a compact unit. 


Power Output*

Input Options

Output Voltages



9.5~15V, 18~30V, 36~60V, 50.4~90V, 77~144V  5V, 12V, 24V, 48V 


120 WATTS 9.5~15V, 18~30V, 36~72V, 50.4~90V, 77~144V, 165~275V  12V, 24V, 48V 


240 WATTS 9.5~15V, 18~30V, 36~60V, 50.4~90V, 77~144V, 165~275V  5V, 12V, 24V, 48V 


500 WATTS 14.4~30V, 21.6~47V, 28.8~60V, 43.2~90V, 66~144V  24V, 48V, 110V


1000 WATTS 14.4~30V, 21.6~47V, 28.8~60V, 43.2~90V, 66~144V  24V, 48V, 72V, 110V 
*actual power output depends on the model selected 
Premium CRS-60 DC to DCConverter
Premium CRS-120 DC to DC Converter
Premium CRS-240 DC to DC Converter
Premium CRS-500 DC to DC Converter
Premium CRS-1000 Railway DC to DC Converter


If there is not a suitable model from within the standard product range, it is possible for a custom solution to be offered.  

With some models there are two versions available. A standard model and a railway version. 

The railway versions are of interest to customers building machinery which may vibrate due to the nature of its function. These models comply with railway standard EN50155 which stipulates the level of resistance to shocks and vibration for electronic devices used aboard trains and locomotives. These DC to DC converters also offer a wide operation temperature range. This makes them a reliable solution in hostile environments. In fact, Premium’s DC to DC converters are used by global transportation solutions providers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM if you would like assistance in selecting a suitable DC to DC converter for your industrial application. 

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30 April 2021