MEAN WELL’s New Range of Battery Chargers in Stock

Battery Chargers in Stock

ADM has completed the required electrical safety testing and certification for the new MEAN WELL NPB series of battery chargers, and we have now received our first shipment.

MEAN WELL NBP-120 Battery Charger with Anderson Plug


The new NPB series battery chargers have several advantages over the current PB series models. 

High Efficiency Battery Chargers 

The new NPB series battery chargers have been designed using the latest control methods, electronic components and manufacturing techniques.  

The result is a high efficiency rating across the range. 

Compact Battery Chargers 

You can slot these battery chargers in the tightest of places.  

The new design means fewer components are required. So, MEAN WELL has reduced the size of these latest model battery chargers. 

Battery Chargers with Adjustable Output Voltage and Current 

You can use the NPB battery chargers with most types of battery, but they are especially well suited for lead acid and lithium-ion types.  

Both the output voltage and current can be trimmed as required by your battery.  

Up until now you could only adjust the output voltage on PB series battery chargers with a power output of 300 WATTS or higher. None had the facility for current adjustment. 

Selectable Charging Curves 

The NPB series battery chargers can be used to charge lithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries. 

You simply select either 2 stage or 3 stage charging. 

MEAN WELL NPB-120 Battery Charger Charging Curves
2 Stage and 3 Stage Charging

3 stage charging is the default setting out of the box and is the setting best suited to lead acid batteries. 

Set 2 stage charging if you are charging lithium-ion batteries.  

Battery Charger with Wide AC Input Range 

You can plug these battery chargers into any power point around the world. Great if you are manufacturing charging stations or battery powered equipment for export.  

All NPB series battery chargers have an AC input range of 90 ~ 264V AC. 

This isn’t a standard feature on the existing PB series, many models need to be switched or pre-set to the correct AC input setting.  

Flexible Battery Chargers 

Integrating a MEAN WELL NPB series battery charger into your product design is easy.  

This is because there are three output connection types to choose from: 

  • Part numbers with the suffix AD1 have an Anderson plug fitted. 
  • Part numbers with the suffix XLR have a round XLR type plug fitted. 
  • Part numbers with the suffix TB have screw terminals. 

Reliable Battery Chargers 

You can design these battery chargers into your products with peace of mind that you have selected a reliable product.  

Why do we say that? 

There are no moving parts to fail on the 120-WATT and 240-WATT models. The larger models do have cooling fans, but these are controlled by temperature to ensure a long life.  

The new NPB series chargers offer a wider operating temperature range of -30 ~ +70 °C, so they can be used in charging stations and caravans anywhere in Australia. Remember to refer to the derating curve in the data sheet if you are using these battery chargers in warm environments, you may need to use a larger charger in some circumstances. 

MEAN WELL’s PB series battery chargers were launched more than 20 years ago. They are still being used in many applications around Australia today, including charging caravan batteries. This demonstrates the confidence Australian industry has in MEAN WELL battery chargers.  

All NPB series battery chargers have a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. 

For further information please contact ADM.


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21 October 2021