Product Change Notice – MEAN WELL Redundancy Modules

Product change notification

ADM customers who use the MEAN WELL DR-RDN20 should note that this redundancy module is being phased out by MEAN WELL and a new series of redundancy modules has been introduced.

We have almost depleted our stocks of the DR-RDN20 and the alternative model is already available. 

The new series of MEAN WELL redundancy modules includes a suitable alternative to the 24V output version DR-RDN20, as well as other models with 12V and 48V outputs. 

MEAN WELL DR-RDN20 Redundancy Module
DR-RDN20 being phased out


Alternative to MEAN WELL DR-RDN20 Redundancy Module 

The alternative to the DR-RDN20 is the MEAN WELL DRDN20-24.  

MEANWELL DRDN20-24 Redundancy Module
New DRDN2-24 Redundancy Module


Both models are rated at 24V / 20A. The advantage of the new model is that it is much slimmer than the DR-RDN20. The DR-RDN20 is 55.5mm wide whereas the DRDN20-24 is only 32mm wide. This is good news if you have limited space available on the DIN rail. 

New MEAN WELL Redundancy Modules in Stock 

As we have already mentioned, MEAN WELL has also expanded the range of redundancy modules available.  

ADM already stocks the following DIN rail mount redundancy modules: 


Voltage / Power Rating


12V / 20A


24V / 20A


48V / 20A


12V / 40A


24V / 40A


48V / 40A


Further Information & Purchasing Details 

ADM customers with a login to our online store can check their account pricing and availability of the MEAN WELL redundancy modules by clicking on the following link: 

DIN Rail UPS & Redundancy Modules 

Please contact ADM if you would like us to set up a login for you, or if you would like any further information on the MEAN WELL redundancy modules. 


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22 July 2022