Fan-less Power Supplies Stocked by ADM for Harsh Environments

ADM stocks a considerable range of fan-less power supplies, which are suitable for harsh environments.

A harsh environment can be defined as one where the power supply could be exposed to one or more of the following:

  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Heat 
  • Vibration

Some power supplies stocked by ADM are resistant to all four situations, whereas others may only be resistant to one.


If you are looking for a power supply that is resistant to all the above conditions, then we strongly recommend that you consider the MEAN WELL HLG-H series power supplies.

Mean Well HLG-600H-24A

These have an IP67 ingress protection rating (except for models with adjustable current and voltage outputs), which means that the power supply is resistant to both dust and moisture.

It must be stressed that IP67 doesn’t mean that the power supply can be submerged in water. IP67 indicates that the power supply has been tested and found to be protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m. (Test duration: 30 mins).

There are currently 10 different power output options available ranging from 40 Watts through to 600 Watts. A 480-Watt model has just been added to the range and will be added to ADM’s stock profile in Q2, 2018.

The MEAN WELL HLG series power supplies have a factory fitted 1.8m flex and plug and have a working temperature range of Tcase= -40°C ~ +80°C. Don’t forget to check the derating curve in the data sheet, in case you need a larger power supply than originally anticipated.

They MEAN WELL HLG-H power supplies have also been tested to withstand up to 5G vibration. They also come with an impressive 7-year warranty!

High & Low Temperatures

Typically the MEAN WELL HLG-H series power supplies also have a wide operating temperature range of Tcase= -40 ~ +80℃  So, they can cope with most of Australia’s temperature extremes. There can be some subtle variations in specifications according to the actual model selected, so it is advisable to double check the temperature rating in the data sheet. 

If the power supply is going to be used in a warm environment remember to refer to the derating curve in the product data sheet. You may need to use a larger power supply than anticipated.

Dust & Moisture Ingress

The HLG-H series IP67, or IP65 rating means that the power supply is resistant to ingress from both solids (dust) and liquids (water, oil etc).

There is no fan to draw dirty, damp air into the power supply and the electronics inside the MEAN WELL HLG-H series power supplies are also fully potted. This protects the power supply from the harmful effects that could be caused by any dust, or liquid ingress.

Instead of having screw terminals, the HLG-H power supplies have a 1.8m flex & plug for the AC inlet and a 300mm DC output cable. This prevents liquids from entering the power supply at the termination points.


The silicone potting also protects the internal electronics of the power supply from damage that could be caused by excess vibration. With the HLG series power supplies MEAN WELL has conducted vibration tests to 5G!

All MEAN WELL HLG-H series power supplies come with a 7 year warranty.

MEAN WELL HEP-600 Harsh Environment Power Supply


If you moisture is not a concern in your application, you wish to consider the MEAN WELL HEP-600 instead.

ADM Stock three different version of this power supply:

Model Number

Voltage / Current Output

Power Output


12V / 40A



24V / 25A  600 WATTS


48V / 12.5A 600 WATTS


They  are also resistant to dust ingress, so will work reliably in very dusty environments such as mine sites, cement factories, flour mills, etc.The HEP-600 power supplies have the same ruggd metal housing as the HLG series above, the they can with standard the knoock and bumps that they could be subjected to, when used in a harsh environment. 

Excellent Vibration Resistance

This is where the HEP-600 series really shines. It has been tested to withstand vibrations up to 10G! This is why it is a very populay choice for use in harsh environments, where the power supply could be exposed to shocks and vibration.

Fan-less Enclosed Power Supplies

If you are looking for a power supply to embed inside another piece of equipment, then you may wish to consider one of MEAN WELL’s fan-less enclosed type power supplies.

Due to the nature of their design they won’t have an IP rating. But the fact that they don’t have a cooling fan, means that damp air and dust, won’t be drawn into the power supply.

Typically, MEAN WELL power supplies with a power rating of 200 Watts, or less don’t need a cooling fan.

MEAN WELL released a new series of ultra-slim fan-less power supplies in 2019, which are available with a power outputs of up to 1000 watts, the UHP series.

The most recent additions to the range being the 750-WATT and 1000-WATT versions. 


The MEAN WELL UHP series power supplies are perfect for applications in a dusty or damp environment.  

They are also recommended for use in LCD display panels that are to be mounted outside. This is because there is no cooling fan to draw humid air into the unit, which could cause condensation to form on the critical components within the power supply. This has the potential to cause a failure that would not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 

Many industrial applications require a power supply to operate in a dusty environment, again the fan-less design means that no dust will be drawn into the power supply, which could lead to a premature failure.  

The UHP-750 and UHP-1000 power supplies have also been semi-potted with a silicone gel. This adds further protection to the critical components against the effects of dust and moisture. 

There are 4 different voltage options to choose from as detailed in the below table: 

Link to Product Information

Output Voltage / Current

Power Output


12V / 60A 



24V / 31.3A  751.2W


36V / 20.9A  752.4W


48V / 15.7A  753.6W


12V / 80A 960W


24V / 42A 1008W


36V / 28A 1008W


48V / 21A  1008W

The low-profile design of these power supplies means that they are easy to accommodate into tight spaces. 

Three cooling options are offered: 

  1. Mounting on a 450x450x3mm plate 

  1. Straight forward installation into the available space 

  1. External fan cooling 

With option 2 you will need to derate the power supply to 70% of its rated power output. This is to compensate for the lower heat dissipation (See data sheet for derating curves). Option 3 should be avoided in damp or moist environments.  

All the models listed above can withstand a 300VAC input for 5 seconds and feature a DC OK alarm output. 

However, the UHP-1000 series models have some additional features, which make them ideal for integration with a PLC, or other type of process controller. The output can be varied remotely via the application of an external 0-6V signal, voltage (50 – 120%) and current (20 – 100%). There is also a remote on / off function.  

The MEAN WELL UHP series power supplies come with a 3-year manufacturers’ warranty. 


The UHP series has been tested to withstand vibration up to 5Gs.

If you are looking for a low powered, compact power supply then take a look at the LRS series. These are available with power outputs ranging from 35 Watts to 150 Watts and can also withstand up to 5G vibration.

Fan-less Vibration Resistant DC to DC Converters

MEAN WELL’s RSD series DC to DC converters are ideal for use in harsh environments.

In fact, they comply with railway standard EN50155 which stipulates the minimum vibration resistance requirements for electronic devices, which have been designed to use on locomotives and rolling stock.

These too have a fan-less design, so there is no cooling fan to suck in dust and moisture.

Application Example for Harsh Environment Power Supply

Peltier Coolers, also known as Thermo Electric Coolers (TEC) are solid state heat transfers pumps, which are used in a variety of industrial applications to provide cooling.  

ADM was recently able to help a customer supply a remotely controllable harsh environment power supply from stock for this very application.  

The customer needed a power supply that enabled the output current to be controlled by applying an external voltage.  

The MEAN WELL HLG-320H-24B was ideal for this application.  


Although the HLG series power supplies are classified as LED drivers, they can be used with peltiers, because the peltier cooler presents as a replicated diode. 

The HLG-320H-24B has a dimming control circuit, which will accept a 1-10V input. This varies the output of the power supply within the range of 10 ~100%.  

This means the customer was able to control the power supply from their PLC, which receives readings from a set of external temperature sensors and adjusts the 1-10V output accordingly.  

The MEAN WELL HLG series power supplies have a rugged metal enclosure and are fully encapsulated to protect against dust and moisture ingress. In fact, they have an IP67 ingress protection rating. 

MEAN WELL power supplies are world renowned for their reliability and the HLG series comes with a 7-year manufacturer's warranty. 

If you have an application that requires a power supply, which can withstand harsh environments then call ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly discuss the most suitable options with you.

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7 December 2020