MEAN WELL Phasing Out the SP Series Power Supplies

MEAN WELL Phasing Out the SP Series Power Supplies

Sometime ago MEAN WELL started the process of phasing out the SP series power supplies and has added all models to their discontinuation list. 

The phase out period typically takes about 2 years, involving the following stages: 

  1. Product marked as Not Recommended for New Designs 

  1. Manufacturing lead time increased to 60 days (ADM will manage stock levels as normal) 

  1. Manufacturing lead time increased to 90 days (ADM will continue to order & stock high usage items) 

  1. Last Time Buy date announced – MOQ may increase to 200pcs (ADM will order for final stock levels) 

  1. Product Discontinued – no further orders accepted once stock is gone 

ADM is publishing this product notice now, because MEAN WELL has just reached stage 3. 

Where possible, we recommend customers start migrating to the suggested newer models. 

You can look up the specifications and download the datasheets for the suggested alternative power supply by clicking on the following link: 

MEAN WELL Enclosed Power Supplies 

Discontinued Model

Suggested Replacement

Notes re Suggested Replacement


RSP-75 Smaller footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-100 Similar footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-150 Similar footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-200 Different footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-320 Larger footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-320 Similar footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-500 Smaller footprint. Higher efficiency.


RSP-750 Smaller footprint. Programmable output current & voltage.

Please do not hesitate to call ADM on 1300 236 467 if you have any questions or concerns about this notification. 

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5 February 2019