In Stock - DIN Rail Mount DC UPS with Start from Battery Function

ADM stocks Adel System DIN rail mounted DC UPS systems.  One of the most useful features is the ‘Start from Battery’ function.  

Many UPS solutions will only start up when mains power is present, and switch to battery back-up when the mains supply fails.  

However, with the Adel System DC UPS range you can start up using the battery power, when no mains power is available.  


This is particularly useful for mission critical application and installations in remote locations, where the available mains supply may be unreliable to say the least. 

The ‘Start from Battery’ function can be set from the unit itself or activated remotely.  

Networkable UPS Solution  

Another key benefit of the ADEL System DIN rail DC UPS solution is that some models can be networked via the ADELBus network using the  DPY351 controller.    


The DPY351 is a robust unit and is equipped with a high-brightness and wide viewing-angle 3.5’’ TFT screen, which guarantees optimum visibility in any operating condition. The user interface is clear, intuitive, and allows for configuration and management of the connected devices in a quick and straightforward way.   

Using the on-board Ethernet interface, it is possible to remotely manage the ADELBus network via the Internet with a PC or a mobile device. The DPY351 can also act as a gateway using standard protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP and SNMP.   

System Monitoring & Event Logging   

You can remotely monitor and log the following data:   

  • Number of battery charging cycles   
  • Charge cycles completed   
  • Aborted charge cycles   
  • aH charged   
  • Charging time   
  • Total number of transitions stand-by, back-up, etc.  
  • Status of charging battery   
  • System Configuration  
  • The following parameters can be configured remotely:  
  • Charging curve   
  • Battery type   
  • Charging current Limit   
  • Enabling power supply function   
  • Timer   

Alarms and Recorder Management  

The alarm thresholds can be set remotely, and the DPY351 can receive messages back from networked devices. The DPY351 will also record and log events for system analysis.   

Event Programming  

Actions can be coordinated across all connected UPS devices, giving you a fully automated system.   

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9 April 2020