Adel System Provides a Reliable Power Supply for Backhaul Systems

UPS for Backhaul Radio

Field Solutions Group is an Australian Telecommunications Carrier and the leading provider of connectivity to Rural and Regional Australia.

Innovative technologies are employed with a community focused approach, which engages local government, businesses, and residents to ensure infrastructure is built where it is most needed.  

Field Solutions Group Backhaul Radio

Field Solutions builds telecommunications infrastructure which includes towers which form the backbone of a network in many rural areas. The backbone drives connectivity deep into remote areas where traditional power sources are often not available or not reliable.  

Since connectivity to end users relies on the reliability and resilience of the backbone, Field Solutions looks for the highest quality, proven technologies for its backbone components. 

Field Solutions Group selected Adel Systems’ DIN rail mount DC UPS systems to ensure a reliable supply of power to the backhaul system.   

Adel System DC UPS Power Supplies
Adel Systems DIN Rail DC UPS


In this site, Field Solutions Group uses backhaul radios for communications in and out of the site, as well as a 4 sector/AP radio to provide internet backup within a 15km radius.   

The equipment cabinets are mounted on stands to protect against flooding. 

Backhaul radio UPS image_2
Equipment Cabinet with Adel System UPS
Backhaul radio UPS image_1
Close up of Adel System UPS Module


The Adel System DC UPS solution was selected because it offers Field Solutions Group several benefits.   

The fact that they are DIN rail mountable makes them easy to install in the equipment cabinets.  

Adel System’s solution is an all-in-one unit, incorporating a DIN rail mounting switch mode power supply and UPS controller into a single unit. This saves valuable real estate within the equipment cabinets as the number of components required to be mounted on a DIN rail is reduced. 

The Adel System DC UPS units are available with a 48V output, which was required for this application. This meant there was no need for an additional converter to rectify the output from the UPS to that required to run the equipment.  Both the 5A & 10A versions were used.   

Adel System

Adel System’s multi-stage charging ensures optimum performance of the battery, and the built-in battery testing function enables Field Solutions Group to monitor the condition of the batteries remotely, reducing the cost involved in sending technicians to site to conduct regular battery testing.  

The low voltage cut off prevents unnecessarily shortening the battery life by over discharging, further adding to the robustness of the system.  

The status of the power supply is reported back to base via the back haul system. This can be done via contact closure or the built-in Modbus interface.   

For further information on regional internet services please contact Field Solutions Group:  

For information on Adel System’s all-in-one DC UPS systems contact ADM: 

Protecting Workers Around 5G Equipment

ADM Nuclear Technologies specialises in providing personal radiation protection, including non-ionising radiation such as electromagnetic fields (EMF). 

The Wavecontrol Wavemon EMF meter is a professional EMF monitor that can be worn by employees working around 5G equipment. Click on the following link to watch a video on the ADM Nuclear Technologies website that gives a good overview of the Wavemon's capabilities:


EMF meter for use around 5G installations
Wavemon Professional EMF Meter
30 April 2021