MEAN WELL’s new 500-Watt railway DC to DC converter will be arriving into ADM’s warehouse in October 2020. 

Backup power modules

The term “Backup Power Module” can relate to more than one type of power supply.  

In most cases it will either refer to an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), or a power supply with a battery backup function, that can be used to build an uninterruptable power supply.  

Industrial UPS

ADM stocks Adel System’s CBI series of DIN rail mounted uninterruptable DC power supplies in Australia. 

Faster and cheaper alternative to UPS

Working from home and remote learning are becoming more commonplace. This means that there is evermore voice, video, and email data being transmitted via electronic devices.  

Best practice procedures for battery maintenance

Industrial batteries are subject to normal and abnormal ageing and occasional manufacturing defects.  

Battery tests and maintenance programs are essential to ensure reliability.

Adel System DC UPS Power Supplies

There are many installations in regional Australia that require a reliable supply of power.  

Many applications involve the charging of high voltage battery systems. Most off the shelf battery chargers cannot handle the voltages involved. We show you how MEAN WELL power supplies can be used for this purpose. 

Medical Power Supply

One of Australia's leading designers and manufacturers of programmable controller products has just completed a design of a new medical device, using the MEAN WELL MPM-45-24

Caring for batteries in UPS system

To ensure your UPS system is available when you need it, it is critical that its batteries are in good condition.  

Simple redundant power supply system
Installation Advice

With the rapid development of technology, providing a stable supply of power to system critical instruments, such as industrial computers, and server and telecommunications equipment has become increasingly critical.  

Medical Power Supply
Product News

ADM carries a select range of MEAN WELL medical power supplies in stock.

Product News

ADM is stocking MEAN WELL’s new range of slimline redundancy modules, the DRDN20 and DRDN40 series.

DIN Rail UPS Power Supplies

ADM Systems stocks a wide range of DIN rail UPS modules and power supplies from world renowned manufacturers such as MEAN WELL and Adel Systems. 


Stock of MEAN WELL’s new ultra-wide input DIN DC to DC converters, the DDRH-60 series is due to arrive in ADM’s warehouse towards the end of April 2020.  

ADM stocks Adel System DIN rail mounted DC UPS systems.  One of the most useful features is the ‘Start from Battery’ function.  

Industrial UPS

ADEL System is just one of two manufacturers in the World, who offer an All-in-One DIN rail mount DC UPS solution. 

ADM AC Power Cords

ADM has expanded the range of power cables that we hold in stock. 

Charging with Adel System UPS

Adel System’s CBI series is an All-in-One DIN rail mounted UPS solution. Each unit is a combined DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply, Intelligent Battery Charger and UPS Module. 

MEAN WELL’s new UMP-400 series is a game changer for ‘off the shelf’ power supplies.