Industrial UPS

ADEL System is just one of two manufacturers in the World, who offer an All-in-One DIN rail mount DC UPS solution. 

ADM AC Power Cords

ADM has expanded the range of power cables that we hold in stock. 

Charging with Adel System UPS

Adel System’s CBI series is an All-in-One DIN rail mounted UPS solution. Each unit is a combined DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply, Intelligent Battery Charger and UPS Module. 

MEAN WELL’s new UMP-400 series is a game changer for ‘off the shelf’ power supplies. 

MEAN WELL has released a new range of 500-Watt power supplies with medical approvals, the RPS-500 series.  

ADM now offers the new MEAN WELL CSP-3000 series power supplies with high output voltages. 

Emergency Pump

ADM has recently supplied an ADEL System CBI1235A DIN rail UPS system to provide power to the emergency standby pump in a regional mining town in Australia.  

Installation Advice

MEAN WELL’s intelligent battery chargers are usually available with two or more selectable charging stages.  


Over the coming months, ADM will migrate our stock of the MEAN WELL HDR-100 series DIN rail power supplies to the HDR-100-N series.  

Product News

ADM now stocks the ADEL System range of DIN rail mount DC UPS power supplies. 

1U High Density Rack Mount Power Supplies
Product News

The MEAN WELL DRP-3200 series rack mount power supplies are perfect if you are looking for a 1U low-profile rack mount power supply with a high-power density. 

Calculating size of battery for UPS power supply
Installation Advice

MEAN WELL’s range of UPS power supplies are extremely cost effective when compared to other brands that are commonly used.  

High power low profile power supply
Product News

The MEAN WELL DPU-3200 power supplies are ideal for applications where space is limited, and a high amount of power is required.  

Product News

The first delivery of the new MEAN WELL KNX-40E-1280 KNX bus power supply will arrive into ADM’s warehouse towards the end of May 2019.  

Power Supply Approvals in Australia

Not all power supplies manufactured by MEAN WELL have Australian electrical safety approvals.

Power Supply For Peltier Coolers

Peltier Coolers, also known as Thermo Electric Coolers (TEC) are solid state heat transfers pumps, which are used in a variety of industrial applications to provide cooling.  

Product News

Sometime ago MEAN WELL started the process of phasing out the PS series power supplies and has added all models to their discontinuation list.  

Product News

MEAN WELL has recently started the process of phasing out the USP series power supplies and has added all models to their discontinuation list.  

Product News

MEAN WELL first released the highly cost effective KNX-20E-640 back in 2017. Its high level of reliability has made it a firm favourite amongst building automation designers and installers in Australia.  

Product News

In an exciting move MEAN WELL has upgraded the design of the MSP-1000 series medical power supplies, so that they now offer 2 means of patient protection (2 x MOPP), as opposed to two means of operator protection (2 x MOOP).