Simple redundant power supply system
Installation Advice
23 November 2020

With the rapid development of technology, providing a stable supply of power to system critical instruments, such as industrial computers, and server and telecommunications equipment has become increasingly critical.  

12 November 2020

Stock of MEAN WELL’s new ultra-wide input DIN DC to DC converters, the DDRH-60 series is due to arrive in ADM’s warehouse towards the end of April 2020.  

Product News
5 November 2020

ADM stocks the MEAN WELL range of programmable rack mount power supplies.

28 September 2020

MEAN WELL’s new 500-Watt railway DC to DC converter will be arriving into ADM’s warehouse in October 2020. 

Backup power modules
9 September 2020

The term “Backup Power Module” can relate to more than one type of power supply.  

In most cases it will either refer to an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), or a power supply with a battery backup function, that can be used to build an uninterruptable power supply.  

Industrial UPS
9 September 2020

ADM stocks Adel System’s CBI series of DIN rail mounted uninterruptable DC power supplies in Australia. 

31 August 2020

Many applications involve the charging of high voltage battery systems. Most off the shelf battery chargers cannot handle the voltages involved. We show you how MEAN WELL power supplies can be used for this purpose. 

Faster and cheaper alternative to UPS
12 August 2020

Working from home and remote learning are becoming more commonplace. This means that there is evermore voice, video, and email data being transmitted via electronic devices.  

Adel System DC UPS Power Supplies
2 July 2020

There are many installations in regional Australia that require a reliable supply of power.  

Caring for batteries in UPS system
27 May 2020

To ensure your UPS system is available when you need it, it is critical that its batteries are in good condition.  

DIN Rail UPS Power Supplies
15 May 2020

ADM Systems stocks a wide range of DIN rail UPS modules and power supplies from world renowned manufacturers such as MEAN WELL and Adel Systems. 

Industrial UPS
9 April 2020

ADEL System is just one of two manufacturers in the World, who offer an All-in-One DIN rail mount DC UPS solution. 

Installation Advice
13 January 2020

We are often asked if it is possible to get 110VDC output from a DIN rail power supply.

The answer is yes you can.

Product News
12 December 2019

MEAN WELL first released the highly cost effective KNX-20E-640 back in 2017. Its high level of reliability has made it a firm favourite amongst building automation designers and installers in Australia.  

Product News
4 December 2019

MEAN WELL produces Single Phase, Two Phase and Three Phase DIN rail power supplies.
We take a look at what users need to know about using these power supplies.

Two Phase Power Supplies
MEAN WELL has two types of two phase DIN rail power supply.

2.1mm extension and splitter cables
Product News
4 December 2019

ADM stocks a comprehensive range of 2.1mm DC extension cables and splitter cables, to fast track your production and installation times.

4 December 2019

This is an important product bulletin for anyone purchasing and installing MEAN WELL battery chargers.

5 November 2019

ADM now offers the new MEAN WELL CSP-3000 series power supplies with high output voltages. 

Emergency Pump
2 July 2019

ADM has recently supplied an ADEL System CBI1235A DIN rail UPS system to provide power to the emergency standby pump in a regional mining town in Australia.