MEAN WELL 12v Battery Charger for Caravan Lead Acid Batteries

12v MEAN WELL battery charger for caravans

Most caravan batteries are under load when charging, this is usually because there are electrical items aboard the caravan that are running, such as a refrigerator.

Most MEAN WELL chargers are not suitable for charging lead acid batteries under load and using these could shorten the life span of your battery. As well as the cost, there is the inconvenience of losing power because your battery is dead.  

ADM stocks a specific battery charger that has been designed to charge 12v lead acid batteries in caravans that are under load. This is the PB-360P-12CDM.  

MEAN WELL MEAN WELL PB-360P-12CDM Battery Charger


ADM has also had this model independently tested in a high vibration environment to offer full confidence that this charger is well suited to caravans. 

The PB-360P-12CDM comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available ex-stock for immediate despatch.  

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM for further information.  

16 June 2022