DIN Rail Mount DC UPS Modules with MODBus RTU RS485

Industrial UPS

As the power network in Australia migrates towards power generation from renewable sources of energy, there is a need to upgrade the power network to a smart grid.


Such power grids will probably use communication protocols such as Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit).  

The RTU (remote terminal unit) acquires, processes, stores, and transmits information between the secondary substation and the control center.  
The main tasks of the RTU are:  

  • To facilitate efficient and reliable communication between the secondary substation and control centre. 

  • Collect and process information from the secondary substation and communicate the information to a SCADA system. 

  • Enable the monitoring and controlling of the secondary substation. 

RTUs are expanding their functionality from purely collecting switch status and measured values to processing this data. Thus, creating additional benefits by providing profile information about the behaviour of the power distribution network. 

DC UPS with Modbus RTU Interface

In order to maintain communication with the substation and to monitor the substation activity during outages, there is a need for an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) that keeps the devices active for up to several hours. 
All active devices work on Direct Current (DC) typically 24V, but other voltages are also possible. 
Adel System’s DC-UPSs secures a sufficient and reliable power supply to the RTUs and other devices installed in secondary substations. 
The larger UPS modules are equipped with a MODBus RTU RS485 interface can be used in conjunction with the Adel DPY 351 display / gateway to provide complete back-up system that can be monitored from the control centre. 

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23 March 2021