How ADEL System’s DC UPS Enables the Reliability of Power Systems in Remote Areas

Adel System DC UPS Power Supplies

There are many installations in regional Australia that require a reliable supply of power.  

Adel System’s DIN rail mounted DC UPS system is a cost-effective method of building reliability into your power supply system.  

One application that immediately springs to mind is powering remote mobile phone and communications networks.  

Wi-Fi networks in urban areas are commonplace, but the biggest challenge is providing a similar level of service to industrial and agricultural industries in regional Australia. 

Telecommunications infrastructure is usually installed at locations occupied by existing public utilities, such as at water treatment plants, on water towers, or tall public buildings, whichever is the highest point of available real estate at the location in question. 

The reasons for doing this are: 

  • Avoids the need to install new and very expensive trusses. 

  • Allows installation to be located as close as possible to the users, improving the received signal. 

  • Eliminates the need to rent private facilities. 

  • Reduced the environmental impact by using existing ‘built on’ land. 

Providing a Reliable Power Supply to Critical Infrastructure 

The most important thing is to keep the supply of power intact even in the case of a black-out. 

Maintaining low latency, low jitter, a high guaranteed throughput, a high level of service availability are important factors in providing a high level of service to customers at an affordable price. 

In some installation the radio routers are powered by direct current but are equipped with isolation transformers.  

Where the connection cable lengths are greater than 15m, 48V power supplies maybe used instead of 24V, in order to avoid voltage drop. 

Adel Systems DIN rail UPS power supplies, such as the CBI2410A are used to compensate for the occasional power failure and to maintain service availability for a up to a few hours. 

Adel System CBI2410A

The following diagram depicts how Adel’s DC-UPS system can be used within the power support system. 

ADEL System DC DIN Rail UPS Diagram

The management of the batteries, which guarantee continual of operation of the network in case of interruption and / or malfunction of the mains electricity supply, is a basic design element contributing to the quality and safety of the installation. 

To limit the effects of network transients such as lightning surges, etc., the system design incorporates an isolation transformer, a set of arresters, a self-starting differential and two magnetothermal switches.  

ADEL System’s Battery Care philosophy is a vital factor in increasing the lifetime of the batteries, thanks to the multiple types of recharging modes available in each Adel CBI unit. Battery aging adaptability algorithms and the battery testing function are essential for an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the battery. 

The Adel CBI measures the impedance of the complete battery circuit and will disconnect the battery if completely discharged. 

The ADELSystem range includes 12, 24, & 48V options with various wattages. 

The advantages offered by Adel Systems DC UPS power supplies include: 

  • The ability to supply power to the load and manage the battery with one single device. 

  • Use the same device to provide backup power to the system. 

  • Test batteries and use multiple charging modes to extend the service life of the batteries over time. 

  • The ability to conduct battery diagnosis remotely, allowing you to monitor batteries in real time and to warn if they are no longer able to operate efficiently. 

  • Remote diagnosis via Modbus (model dependent) of all system parameters. 

  • A cost-effective installation with a high level of functionality. 

  • Remote monitoring reduces the need for site visits. 

For further information on the Adel System’s DIN rail mount DC UPS product range, call ADM on 1300 236 467. 

Adel System

2 July 2020