Two Phase And Three Phase Power Supplies in Stock

Two Phase And Three Phase Power Supplies

ADM stocks Single Phase, Two Phase and Three Phase DIN rail power supplies.

We take a look at what users need to know about using these power supplies.

Two Phase Power Supplies

In the past MEAN WELL offered a true two phase power supply, which was the DRH-120 series that operated from 340-550VAC only.

MEAN WELL Two Phase DIN Rail Power Supply
MEAN WELL DRH-120 - Now Discontinued


Since then MEAN WELL has introduced the WDR series, which has a wide input range of 180-550VAC and can also be used as a two phase power supply. These function perfectly at either 240V or 415VAC input, so they are a good choice if you want to stock only one model and use it on both voltages. It saves on inventory costs.

MEAN WELL WDR-240 DIN Rail Power Supply
MEAN WELL WDR-120 Wide Input Range Power Suuply


There is one thing to note with the WDR models - they must be derated at low input voltages. There is a curve in the data sheet showing the available power at the lower input voltages. The following derating graph is taken from the WDR-120 series data sheet:

MEAN WELL WDR-120 Low Input Voltage Derating Curve
WDR-120 Low Input Voltage Derating Curve


ADM stocks the complete range of MEAN WELL WDR series wide range input power supplies and most models are available from all four of our warehouses. 

Part Number

Output Voltage / Current

Rated Power

Input Voltage


5V DC / 10A

50W 180 ~ 550VAC


12V DC / 5A 60W


24V DC / 2.5A 60W


48V DC / 1.25A 60W


12V DC / 10A 120W


24V DC / 5A 120W


48V DC / 2.5A 120W


24V DC / 10A 240W


48V DC / 5A 240W


24V DC / 20A 480W


48V DC / 10A 480W



Three Phase Power Supplies

MEAN WELL has three phase DIN rail power supplies available with power outputs ranging from 240 Watts through to 960 Watts.

MEAN WELL's three phase TDR series DIN rail power supplies can also be used as two phase power supplies if they are derated to around 80% of their output. Note that the noise and ripple figures will be higher when running two phase input.

MEAN WELL TDR-480 Three Phase DIN Rail Power Supply
MEAN WELL TDR Series Three Phase Power Supply


The 960 Watt models (TDR-960 series) can be used in parallel, as they feature MEAN WELL's current sharing function. 

Three phase power is frequently used for high powered industrial applications such as driving high horsepower electric motors.

Single Phase vs Three Phase


Three phase power installations are usually more economical than equivalent single-phase because they use less conductor material to transmit electrical power. Whilst three-phase is more costly to install, it may be the better choice for larger projects. In addition, a three-phase motor is smaller than a single phase motor.

Three-phase electric power consists of three circuit conductors which carry alternating currents. Each circuit conductor reaches its instantaneous peak value at a different time, one-third of a cycle apart (120 degrees). This results in a constant power transfer over each cycle of the current.

The constant overlap of three-phase power means it never falls to zero while pulsating, resulting in the constant power transfer.

Single-phase power falls to zero three times in each cycle. This just means that three-phase power offers superior operating characteristics.

ADM stocks the complete range of MEAN WELL TDR series three phase power supplies:

Model Number

Output Voltage / Current

Rated Power


24V DC / 10A



48V DC / 5A 240W


24V DC / 20A 480W


48V DC / 10A 480W


24V DC / 40A 960W


48V DC / 20A 960W


As well as these DIN rail mount power supplies, ADM also stocks MEAN WELL's 5000W and 10,000W three phase enclosed power supplies.

MEAN WELL RST-5000 three phase power supply
MEAN WELL 5000 WATT 3 Phase Power Supply
MEAN WELL RST-10000 three phase power supply
MEAN WELL 10,000 WATT 3 Phase Power Supply


Model Number

Output Voltage / Current

Rated Power


24V DC / 200A



36V DC / 138A 4968W


48V DC / 1050A 5040W


24V DC / 400A 9600W


36V DC / 276A 9936W


48V DC / 210A 10080W



Single Phase power supplies

Using a single phase MEAN WELL DIN rail power supply is straightforward. They are commonly used is a wide variety of industrial applications. The only thing you do need to watch for is ensuring you have selected a model with the required input voltage.

Most of the single phase MEAN WELL DIN Rail power supplies have a universal input range of 86-265VAC.

Single phase power supplies are energy efficient when dealing with smaller industrial loads. However, if your application involves larger loads then you may want to consider a two phase or three phase installation.

ADM stocks the complete range of MEAN WELL single phase DIN rail power supplies. The number of models available is farr too many to list in this blog post. To browse the range, please click on the following link:

DIN Rail Power Supplies

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM for further technical information on Two Phase and Three phase power supplies.

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15 October 2021