New - Cost Effective and Efficient AC or DC Regulator

ADM will receive our first shipment of the Adel System’s SW247HP AC/DC to DC converter in November 2020.  

The SW247HP has a neat, compact housing and is DIN rail mountable for convenient installation. It accepts either a 24~32VAC or a 33~45VDC input and converts it to a constant 24VDC output.  

Adel SW247HP

It has a low ripple voltage of 60mVpp and a continuous output current of up to 5.5A (132 Watts).  

LED indicators are provided for input connected (green) and output OK (red). Blinking LEDs indicate a failure, so you can immediately see the status of the power supply.  

For added convenience, the input side is protected by an easily accessible 6A fuse.  

The operating temperature is rated at 0 ~ 50 °C (ambient), so the SW247HP is well suited to most industrial applications.  

The most remarkable feature of this AC/DC to DC converter is its cost. It is a very cost-effective AC or DC regulator. 

The SW247HP has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Contact ADM for pricing information.  

19 November 2020