Starting Trams or Trains when Batteries Discharge and Everything Stops


Starting a tram or train can be somewhat complicated when there is a lack of power in the batteries.

Premium's new CVS-280 low battery voltage starter allows energy to be obtained from the catenary and use it to start the vehicle.

It withstands 4.5kV overvoltage peaks and it has been designed to comply with railway standards.

All models are designed to handle 600 or 750V and offer a wide variety of input-output combinations.

The CVS-280 is robust and compact, with an anodised aluminium case.

Cooling takes place through natural convection and operating temperature can reach up to 85ºC.

  • Designed according to EN50155:2017
  • Input voltage according: EN50163:2006 EN50124-2:2017
  • Fire and smoke: EN45545-2 pending (as of Dec. 2020)

Contact ADM for further information.

21 December 2020