Australian Electrical Safety Certification for MEAN WELL PB Series Battery Chargers


This is an important product bulletin for anyone purchasing and installing MEAN WELL battery chargers.

ADM Systems has had the MEAN WELL PB series battery chargers tested and certified, in accordance with Australia’s electrical safety regulations. This includes the model numbers set out in the table below.

Product Update:

The MEAN WELL PB Series is been replaced with the newer MEAN WELL NPB Series Battery Chargers. These battery chargers offer users far more capabilities, including programmable charging curves and the Lithium-ion battery charging capability. You can view the MEAN WELL NPB Series Battery Chargers here.


MEAN WELL PB-360 Battery Charger with Australian Approvals
MEAN WELL PB Series Battery Chargers


Model Number

Battery Voltage

Boost Charge

Float Charge

Output Current



14.4V 13.6V 20.85A


24V 28.8V 27.2V 10.5A

PB-360P-12 (CDM)*

12V 14.4V 13.6V 24.3A


24V 28.8V 27.2V 12.5A


24V 28.8V 27.2V 21A


12V 14.4V 13.6V 60A


24V 28.8V 27.2V 34.7A


48V 57.6V 54.4V 17.4A

*PB-360P-12CDM has a modified charging profile for use in caravans. The standard PB-360P-12 should not be used for this type of application.

All models have screw terminals for the DC output connection. 

According to the law in Australia, it is the importer who is responsible for ensuring that a product carries the required Australian electrical safety certification. This applies, even if you buy online. The overseas supplier is under no obligation to comply with Australian law. 

Original equipment manufacturers, caravan builders and caravan electricians are advised to ensure that their supplier holds an Australian electrical safety certificate for any MEAN WELL battery charger purchased and can provide the full test report to the regulators if requested.

If you have purchased any MEAN WELL PB series battery charger it should carry the Australian regulatory compliance mark.

RCM Mark
RCM Mark


If the RCM compliance mark is missing, then you will probably need to have the battery charger tested and certified before you can install it. This will typically cost in excess of $5000.

ADM carries the PB series battery chargers in stock and holds the necessary certifications and associated documentation that is required to legally sell them into Australia.

All MEAN WELL PB series battery chargers supplied by ADM display a valid RCM mark.

Please note that MEAN WELL do not test and certify the PB series battery chargers for use in Australia. If you buy from a supplier other than ADM, the battery chargers may not carry the necessary electrical safety certification and RCM mark. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this bulleting please get in touch with ADM.


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12 December 2023